Industrial Chemicals

This array of industrial chemicals is reckoned for its multipurpose roles. These chemicals are used as effective lubricating factors, cleaning agent, food additive, degreasing factor and insulation materials to name a few. Acid value, ph range, appearance and melting point of this array of chemicals vary as per their composition. These chemicals have either strong stimulating smell or are free from odor. Industrial chemicals offered by us deserve praise for their stable attributes, standard storage life and adaptability to wide temperature ranges. Customers can avail this array of chemicals at reasonable price from us.

Trisodium Orthophosphate

  • Usage/Application Food, Pharma, Nutra, Biotech, Laboratory
  • Packaging Type Bag
  • Packaging Size 25 kg
  • Physical Form Granules
  • Color White
  • Formula Na3PO4
  • Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

Formaldehyde CH2O

Methanol CH3OH

Methanol, also known as Methyl Alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH). Methanol acquired the name wood alcohol because it was once produced chiefly as a byproduct of the destructive distillation of wood. Modern-day methanol production occurs in a catalytic industrial process directly from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.


  • D.M.T
  • Synthetic Resins
  • Chloromethanes
  • Refrigerants
  • Insecticides
  • Pesticides
  • Disinfectant
  • Coolant for Automotive and Aircraft Engines
  • Paints
  • Tanning
  • Organic Derivatives

Paraformaldehyde OH(CH2O)nH(n 8 to100)

  • For manufacturing of Phenolic Urea and Melamine Resins (condensation reactions).
  • For production of lon Exchange Resins (chloromethylation reaction).
  • Disinfection of the air in rooms.
  • Hardening of Glues.
  • Manufacture of fluorescent pigments and soluble condensation product for textile auxiliaries, alcoholic solutions commonly known as FORMOCEL.
  • It is used in the manufacture of Phenolic Resins, of Urea, Thiourea and Melamine Formaldehyde Resins (whenever high concentration of formaldehyde is required).
  • Paraformaldehyde used in place of formaldehyde aqueous solution for high reactivity and concentrations of aldehyde contents reacted with low water contents.

Cashew Nut Shell Oil

CNSL is a reddish brown viscous liquid extracted from a soft honeycomb structure inside the cashew nutshell. This nutshell liquid contains mainly anacardic acid and a smaller amount of cardol and its methyl derivatives.

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