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Industrial Chemicals

Product Image (7783-28-0)

Diammonium Phosphate

Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Product Specification Molar Mass 132.06 g/mol Density 1.62 g/cm3 Formula (NH4)2HPO4 Form Powder Product Description Other Details: Product Name Di Ammonium Phosphate Formula (NH4)2HPO4 CAS Nos. 7783-28-0 Molecular Weight 132 Appearance White Crystals Assay 99 % (+/- 1) pH 7.5 – 8.5 P2O5 Content Min.53 Chloride NMT 0.001 % Sulphates NMT 0.02 % Heavy Metals ( as PB ) NMT 0.001 % Fe NMT 0.002 %

Product Image (28352300)

Trisodium Orthophosphate

Price: 90 INR/Kilograms

Usage/Application Food,Pharma,Nutra,Biotech,Laboratory Packaging Type Bag Packaging Size 25 kg Physical Form Granules Color White Formula Na3PO4 Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

Product Image (7783-20-2)

Ammonium Sulphate

Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Purity 99.5% Grade INDUSTRIAL PURE Molar mass 132.14 g/mol Melting point 235 to 280 degree celsius Formula (NH4)2SO4 Density 1.77 g/cm3

Product Image (50 – 00 – 0)

Formaldehyde CH2O

Price: 50 INR/Kilograms

CAS Number 50 – 00 – 0 EINECS Number 200 – 001 – 8 Chemical Name Formaldehyde Chemical Classification Aldehyde Synonyms Formalin; formic aldehyde; formal; methyl aldehyde; methylene glycol; methylene oxide; methanal; morbicid; oxamethane; oxymethylene; paraform; polyoxymethylene glycol; superlysoform. Formula CH2O Molecular weight 30.03 Shipping Name Formaldehyde solution Codes / Label Flammable liquid, class – 3.1 Hazardous Waste ID No. 5 Hazchem Code 2 SE / 2 T UN Number 1198 Description Colourless liquid with characteristic pungent odour.

Product Image (100 – 97 – 0)

Hexamine C6H12N4

Price: 75 INR/Kilograms

Hexamethylenetetramine or methenamine is a heterocyclic organic compound with the formula C6H12N4. This white crystalline compound is highly soluble in water and polar organic solvents. It has a cage-like structure similar to adamantane. It is useful in the synthesis of other chemical compounds, e.g., plastics, pharmaceuticals, rubber additives. It sublimes in vacuum at 280 °C. Hexamethylenetetramine is prepared industrially by reacting formaldehyde and ammonia. The reaction can be conducted in gas phase and in solution.

Product Image (30525-89-4)

Paraformaldehyde OH(CH2O)nH(n=8-100)

Price: 65 INR/Kilograms

Paraformaldehyde (PFA) is the smallest polyoxymethylene, the polymerization product of formaldehyde with a typical degree of polymerization of 8–100 units. Paraformaldehyde commonly has a slight odor of formaldehyde due to decomposition. Paraformaldehyde is a poly-acetal. Paraformaldehyde forms slowly in aqueous formaldehyde solutions as a white precipitate, especially if stored in the cold. Formalin actually contains very little monomeric formaldehyde; most of it forms short chains of polyformaldehyde. A small amount of methanol is often added as a stabilizer to limit the extent of polymerization.

Product Image (67-56-1 )

Methanol CH3OH

Price: 35 INR/Kilograms

Methanol, also known as Methyl Alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH). Methanol acquired the name “wood alcohol” because it was once produced chiefly as a byproduct of the destructive distillation of wood. Modern-day methanol production occurs in a catalytic industrial process directly from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. Methanol is produced naturally in the anaerobic metabolism of many varieties of bacteria, and is commonly present in small amounts in the environment. As a result, there is a small fraction of methanol vapor in the atmosphere. Generally over the course of several days, atmospheric methanol is oxidized with the help of sunlight to carbon dioxide and water.


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